Treatment Team

A group of clinical professionals surround each resident and comprise his or her clinical treatment team.

These include:

  • The Family who knows the resident the best and can provide the needed information and insight into the treatment planning process.
  • The Child Psychiatrist who directs the clinical care of each resident. The psychiatrist meets with each resident every week.
  • The Therapy Director who oversees the clinical work performed by the Family Specialists and Primary Residential Counselors. This oversight ensures continuity of clinical care for each resident.
  • The Family Specialist who facilitates weekly family and individual therapy sessions with their assigned residents from the admission to discharge. Additionally, a Family Specialist also facilitates group therapy with the residents.
  • The Primary Residential Counselor who works daily with residents providing behavioral sessions and interventions.
  • The Education Coordinator who provides schooling for the residents.
  • The Nurse who provides medical oversight of the residents.
  • The Recreation Department who provide recreational activities to the residents.