We began our non-profit with a simple idea: every kid deserves to live their best life. Since our inception, we’ve dedicated our organization to helping the vulnerable break the cycle of self-destruction and forge healthy relationships with others.

Many of the adolescents and families who come to the Tamarack Center have exhausted other options, both in terms of treatment and finances. We created a non-profit center for these individuals and work to address their special needs. We’ve been providing a safe and quiet place for rehabilitation and treatment since 1984.

Mental illness knows no color, race, ethnicity, or economic class. We cater to adolescents with unique and diverse needs. We also recognize that quality treatment can be cost-prohibitive for many individuals. That’s why we strive to provide affordable, insurance-covered care to those who need it.

Our Non-Profit Philosophy

The Tamarack Center has been a non-profit since it opened in 1984. Our only interest has been serving the needs of children and their families. As a non-profit, all our income goes directly into the Center and does not go to stockholders. Our finances are public, which means anyone can see our commitment to serving adolescents in need.

Since we do not have to maintain a profit margin and we don’t have to answer to investors, we’re free to spend our budget on making treatment more comprehensive for our clients. In fact, about 90% of our income goes to our staff in the form of wages and benefits.

When you donate to the Tamarack Center, you have the comfort of knowing that 100% of it will serve the residents. In the past, we’ve used donations to buy recreational equipment like bicycles and board games, taken trips to Silverwood, and purchased electronics for all residents to share. None of our donations go toward operating costs – they all go to benefit the children and their families.

Information for Donors

Your charitable contribution to our facility is tax-deductible. We provide written verification for each donation that provides the amount, our tax id number, and the fact that we are a registered non-profit within the state of Washington. Best of all, your contribution will go directly to enhancing the mental health of children and helping them lead healthy and productive lives.
For more information about donations, please contact our Executive Director Tim Davis at 509-326-8100 ext.304 or