Does it work?

The most common question we get at Tamarack is the question “Does your program work? We answer that question with an enthusiastic “Yes.”

Tamarack’s program provides a wide variety of services, all at given points in time, to improve a young person’s situation and to provide them tools for effective living once they leave the Center. Different kids respond differently to the many services, so we pay particularly close attention to what works well for each individual. For some kids the medication management, along with a structured and predictable environment, has a long lasting beneficial effect. Other kids seem to gain from the skills associated with DBT and the social skills acquired when living in an environment with other adolescents. Our recreation activities often provide an opportunity as well as a plan for successful living in a stressful world. Certainly our emphasis on family and individual therapy pave the way for permanent improvement in the most important human relationships.

When you combine all of these treatment modalities at once, delivered by a highly trained and empathic professional staff, the result is most often is very rewarding. Tamarack Center keeps data on many different kinds of details and uses this data to improve services when we see an opportunity to improve. Overall, the clinical treatment and time spent at Tamarack enables us to very confidently say that, yes, residential treatment is an effective treatment intervention.