Financing & Fee’s

Private Insurance

Some of the residential beds at Tamarack are funded privately through a family’s insurance. Tamarack works with various insurance companies such as TriCare to provide the needed residential services.

It is suggested that parents with insurance first contact their insurance companies to find out if their benefits include residential services. Some organizations such as TriCare have specific processes to follow in order for a child to be authorized for residential services. Additionally, many insurance companies have their own In-Network list of providers which they utilize and that is more cost effective for parents to use.

State Funded

Some of the residential beds at Tamarack are state funded through the state of Washington’s Children’s Long-Term Inpatient Program, (CLIP). CLIP funding is available to any Washington state resident who meets the psychiatric criteria established by the Washington state CLIP guidelines.

Having a child placed through CLIP starts at the county level. Each county (Regional Support Network or RSN) has established their own process for how residents access residential placement through CLIP. The following is a link to the state CLIP website where you can get further information as well as look up your local RSN contact person to talk to regarding a CLIP application.

Often times, the question of parent’s income level often comes up in relation to CLIP placement and eligibility. CLIP is a statewide program which is based on the child’s psychiatric needs and is not dependent on parent’s socio-economic level. Children do not need to be on Medicaid to be eligible for CLIP funding. Many children have been placed through CLIP funding who are not on Medicaid but the family’s insurance does not cover residential care or their benefits have been exhausted.