Tamarack periodically conducts satisfaction surveys from different stakeholders to assess our current performance and to improve services over time. The results of all surveys are made available to anyone interested in the information.

Resident Satisfaction Surveys

Resident satisfaction surveys are conducted twice a year. Residents are asked a series of questions regarding the program, the facility, staff, and the effectiveness of treatment. In addition, each survey has an open ended question regarding a specific question that has relevance to the milieu and program at that particular time. Results are calculated and compared over time.

Parent Satisfaction Surveys

Parent satisfaction surveys are conducted once a year. Parents/guardians are asked to rate different aspects of Tamarack’s program, including staff communication and effectiveness, education program, medical care, and inclusion in the treatment process. Parents are encouraged to suggest areas for improvement and to detail aspects of the process that are confusing or misunderstood. Many program changes have occurred over the years as a result of the parent satisfaction surveys.