Results of 2018 Survey

A family satisfaction survey was conducted in February 2018 with eleven responses received from families. Below are the results of the average scores for the responses, the scores are based on a five point rating scale with 1 representing “poor” and 5 representing “excellent”.

The survey requests feedback from families on both the Tamarack’s Family Services department’s performance, and on the overall treatment program’s performance. The exact scoring results are listed below.

Family Services Department


4.73 Likelihood of weekly family session or contact with your family therapist
4.64 The degree you feel your family therapist listens to your concerns
4.55 The degree you feel comfortable talking with your family specialist
4.55 Flexibility of family therapist in scheduling your family therapy appointments
4.45 The degree you understand your family therapy goals
4.18 The degree you feel family therapy is helping you
4.09 The degree you feel family therapy is helping your child
3.82 The degree you feel family therapy is helping your family as a whole

The survey results reflect a very positive view the families have of their relationship with their family specialist. The scores from the families showed all responses except one in the very good to excellent range.

Overall Tamarack Program

4.73 Your welcome on the Tamarack campus
4.64 Your understanding of the medications your child is taking
4.55 The ease with which you can contact staff regarding your child
4.55 The ease with which you can contact your child
4.45 Your understanding of your rights and responsibilities
4.45 Your understanding of your child’s treatment plan
4.36 The explanation you receive when extraordinary events occur (incident)
4.18 The degree to which treatment at Tamarack helped your family
4.09 Your understanding of how your child is doing in school
4.09 Your understanding of your child’s discharge criteria
3.91 The parent portal to access information on your child
3.55 Your understanding of how your child’s diagnosis

The scores from the families regarding their overall view of Tamarack’s program also families viewing services as positive and beneficial. The vast majority of scores, all but two, fell within the very good to excellent range.

Family Feedback

Comments from the families regarding any suggested improvements for the program included the following:

• Staff could use training in other therapies for young people, not just behavior modification
• If they could more clearly communicate the goals for the weekly family therapy and how that supports or coordinates with the individual and group therapies, I think that would help.
• Open up another clinic on west side of Washington. Your treatment plan doesn’t exist there
• We are very satisfied with everything that Tamarack staff is doing for our daughter and our family. We have no suggestions at this time.
• It would be nice if there were travel assistance for out of state parents

Comments from the families regarding what they liked best at Tamarack included the following:

• I feel like my daughter is really starting this work toward improving, without medications being forced on her
• We like how we feel like we are very informed about what is happening in our daughter’s life. Staff have been wonderful in communicating with us and working with our struggles and needs.
• The parent portal is a great feature.
• The staff who we interact with seem knowledgeable and genuine.
• Relaxed atmosphere
• Staff are very friendly and seem to take a genuine interest.
• Also like the small number of residents and the continuous monitoring
• Very friendly and really focused on our son and his unique individual needs.
• The amazing changes in my son.
• Direct line staff seem healthy (not burned-out) and seem to really care about my child.
• Communication is awesome
• The atmosphere


Overall, the families Tamarack serves view our services in a very positive manner. It is apparent from looking at the results that the families we work with feel the services we are providing to them are useful and beneficial to both their child and their family.