Program Overview

Tamarack Center is a 16 bed adolescent psychiatric residential treatment program founded in 1987. We serve youngsters ages 12 to 17 who are experiencing psychiatric issues that need more intensive services than outpatient service can provide. We are nationally accredited by the Joint Commission, and licensed through the State of Washington. We are also a certified TriCare provider.

Tamarack Center treatment philosophy focuses on providing evidenced based individualized care to its residents. Care is provided by a multi-disciplinary treatment team comprised of trained and experienced professionals. Heading the clinical team is a child psychiatrist. These professionals utilize a variety of treatment modalities in providing their clinical care.

Involvement with the child's family is viewed as crucial to our clinical team. Family involvement in family therapy, case conferences, and family matters programs are all important aspects of ensuring family voice in the treatment process. Additionally, treatment staff will involve those community individuals ( such as school personnel, community therapists, community agencies, etc.) designated as important to the child's care and future care.

The program goal is to provide the child with the intensive clinical services needed in a supportive and safe environment in order to make positive change.

Tamarack Center   |   2901 West Fort George Wright Drive   |   Spokane, Washington 99224